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Cat story

The CAT STORY When I was pretty young, we moved to a small town in far northern Minnesota. We joined the local church, and soon after, had the preacher over for dinner. While the kids were being introduced, the preacher asked my sister what her name was. She looked at him with big brown eyes, and solemnly told him her name was "Dottie dammit"! Just about then, he heard a noise behind him. Our Siamese cat had figured out how to open doors. She would take a flying leap at the door and hook her front paws around the stem of the door knob, the momentum would swing the door open. The preacher turned in his chair, and came face to face with this haughty Siamese hanging on the door knob, with this look on her face that said "who the hell* are you?" I don't recall him ever coming back for dinner again!