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Smart phone purchase

Things you should see before buying a Smart phone Buying a smartphone isn’t easy these days. After months of careful consideration, I overcame my analysis paralysis and went with the OnePlus 3. But as soon as I purchased it, I realized that I need to not only protect the phone from an accidental drop but also enhance it. Using accessories. While buying accessories might not be as stressful as buying a smartphone (mostly because most of them don’t cost that much), it’s still a decision that requires some forethought. Naturally, we’d suggest you look at the online shopping arena rather than go hunting at the local hardware store. There are plenty of options to look at, from cool phone cases, to funky battery packs, to a whole lot more. Rather than picking accessories that might be great today but useless tomorrow, why not give you pointers that you need to keep in mind while buying these? So, here’s our list of things to note while investing your hard earned money