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Scotland yard in search of Ross aka David schwimmer

We all thought that only JOEY had a double, no even Ross had one and he is spotted on Mr. Basrai's restaurant on Talbot road UK A United kingdom police force circulated a image which is exact replica of Ross @ David Schwimmer from the 90's sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S ,as soon as the image which is circulated by the BLACKPOOL police it started to receive thousands of responses from all over UK that he is ROSS from Friends  So the UK police took a swift action and enquired about David Schwimmer ,later they confirmed it was not Ross or David because Schwimmer was not here in Black pool during the theft happened in Mr.Basrai's restaurant The Blackpool police thanked for the people who responded for the image and confirmed that David schwimmer is not the one they are searching for and also said do not try to find the man and contact him  Yet the UK fans did not stopped the response to that image LOL Meanwhile Ross Gellers army around UK and around