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Julian assange is going to sue Ecuador for basic human rights violation

JULIAN'S BAD TIME HE BLOWED THE WHISTLE DURING OBAMA PERIOD ,WHERE THEY ONLY ALLOW HILLARY TO LEAK INFORMATIONS NOT ANYONE ELSE No need of intros about the notorious whistleblower & Wiki Leaks Co founder assange .Julian Assange is going to sue Ecuador for violating his basic rights In a recent interview WikiLeaks told the Ecuador government Threatened him to remove his protection and also said that they will cut off his communications with outside world Wiki Leaks also added that the embassy has refused to communicate with human rights and journalist and also placed jammers to stop phone connections and internet access His legal team is soon to make some legal arrangements soon to make sure the Ecuador give their as like the past six years.On 2012 after the leaks and also a sexual allegation case against julian assange made to him ask asylum from ecuador and the ecuador government also accepted it for the past six years and so,now things might have change