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Hurricane willa makes landfall and soon america is going to have huge rainfall

HURRICANE WILLA Category 3 storm hurricane willa made it landfall near Isla del bosque in the state of Sinaloa,Mexico. Approximately 50 mile south of Mazatlan.Now it has been weekend and further to move across Sierra madre range and will make a huge rainfall in northern Mexico and Texas on wednesday and the following During the landfall of hurricane willa the winds are 120 mph i.e 195 kilometers per hour,soon while crossing the mountains hurricane willa will be a terrible rainmaker specially at US-MEXICO borders Soon during the journey of hurricane willa will make a widespread destruction from Texas to New England Texas to be soaked Soon while hurricane willa passes it will make a huge rainfall in parts of texas that can be upto 3 - 4 inches.If the rainfall reaches above the level estimated flash flooding could become a issue Southeast  The southeast is expected to have upto 1-2 inches of rain and the areas around the gulf will be drenched Nor'eas