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Trumpians get ready for celebration - Christmas is going to double this year

Steve Bannon says trump's republic will top the senate in midterms On sunday while talking on John catsimatidis radio show the former white house chief strategist suggested that republicans will be able to maintain the numbers in congress when voters take to the polls on Nov 6 This midterms is going to be the hardest and first reelect for trump.This is a referendum on trump and it is really going to be tight.Bannon also added that we will hold the senate,pickup two - three seats  Now coming to the house it is seriously going to be a dogfight between REPUBLICANS and DEMOCRATS.It can go either way.Right now there are 25 seats that are clearly up for take. Also bannon said that ******* IF TRUMP VOTERS TURNED OUT FOR POLLS I ACTUALLY THINK WE WILL HOLD THE HOUSE ******* The so called massive blue TSunami is over.This really going to be hard for both.At the end it will come down to a handful of districts.It is seriously going to be a narrow way that the