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Secret service intercepts suspicious packages sent to michelle's husband and bill clinton's wife

The secret service said that they found two suspicious packages identified as "Potential explosive devices" sent to former president Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.The security is tightened after they have found a explosive in the mail box of liberal billionaire George Soros.Still not known that it is related or not. The news has gone viral by wednesday morning .They found the package in the house of Bill and hillary clinton said by the secret service,this was located in Chappaqua, New york and then another one addressed as Obama was intercepted by secret service personnel in washington DC this morning These packages are found during the regular screening process and they concluded it has explosives and carefully handled.Now the secret services has launched  a "full swing criminal investigation" to determine the source of the package and identify those responsible In new york, the New castle police department and the westchester county polic