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Bust your stress

How to reduce stress in work place Reducing ones stress is not a mountain climber if we deal it properly we can swipe it and  go on.In our day to day life we see many obstacles make sure these don't occupy your mind fully.First learn what are you earning for and who are you earning for because that must be your primary happiness or goal Now coming to the point,how to reduce your stress in workplace by just following these 10 simple steps Be punctual to your work,completing task and be more attentive to what your doing  Have a good relation with your co-employees or your staffs or workers Try to be responsive , this will reflect when you ask for help or demand a work from someone Make a good impression in your first meeting with new peoples Attentiveness is key to get easy success in your  workplace Do  not try to have ordering speech unless your the senior level employee or boss Break times are the best time to make friends so utilize it the most Keep a dist