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School life

School life The special part of our life which stays evergreen throughout our life is the school memories.Those good old days where we cared about new academic lessons,grades and homeworks ,little happiness which seem like a big one to us in those golden days “As a child we always wanted to grow up fast , but now we realize that incomplete homework and broken toys were far better than unfulfilled dreams and the world outside.” As a child grows so do his tensions and responsibilities . Well this cannot define the difference between the school life and college life but provides us a sufficient outline. We always wanted to grow up fast like our parents so that no one can scold us or instruct us to do anything. In school life there are tensions of studies rather I would suggest that if we take up studies as daily routine like bathing ,eating etc then we would feel relieved of this tension. In school we have teachers to support us and teachers at school cares for us and lo