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[Non Spoiler Review] VADA CHENNAI - Fifteen years in two hours and forty four minutes

Vada Chennai Review Produced by  - Lyca Productions & Wunderbar Films Direction       - Vetrimaran Scripted by   - Vetrimaran Screenplay    - Vetrimaran Music by       - Santhosh Narayanan Film starts with a open proof of why the movie is given a big "A" by the censor board.Movie which should have at least 3 parts is compressed to single one but luckily it is 2 hrs and 44 mins plus with a end card of part 2 is little pleasing for hardcore neo noir or dark movie fans Despite knowing that Dhanush is the hero, still at some point we have doubts of who is the lead in this movie because each and every character in this movie show their best .Should consider this has a vetrimaran's magic.Film revolves around the areas of Vada-Chennai Dhanush plays as Anbu,Aishwarya as Padma Dhanush a state level Carrom player falls in love with Aishwarya and later their becomes content and locals started to tease and this leads to fight between a local goon and D